Some of my papers, presentations and talks

XML as self-descriptive data
XML Users' Group of Ottawa, March 2004.

SXPath: XPath made functional
International Lisp Conference ILC 2003, New York. October, 2003.

Kirill Lisovsky, Dmitry Lizorkin. XML Path Language (XPath) and its functional implementation SXPath
Russian Digital Libraries Journal - 2003 - Vol. 6 - No 4

Kirill Lisovsky, Dmitry Lizorkin. Namespaces in XML and SXML
Russian Digital Libraries Journal - 2003 - Vol. 6 - No 3

Towards Native Language for XML Data Processing
XML Users' Group of Ottawa, April 2003.

Kirill Lisovsky, Dmitry Lizorkin. SXML: an XML document as an S-expression
Russian Digital Libraries Journal - 2003 - Vol. 6 - No 2

XML Applications Development in Scheme
Programming and Computer Software, Vol. 28, No. 4, 2002.

O. Kiselyov, K.Lisovsky. XML, XPath, XSLT Implementation as SXML, SXPath and SXSLT
International Lisp Conference ILC 2002, San Francisco. October, 2002.

Scheme-based XML Application Server
Summer School and Workshop on Advanced Functional Programming
St. Anne's College, Oxford. August, 2002.

Scheme Program Source Code as a Semistructured Data
2nd Workshop on Scheme and Functional Programming
Florence, Italy, 2 September 2001

Functional approach to semistructured data management and its application in implementation of digital libraries
O.Juravleva, K.Lisovsky, E.Tomusjak, G.Tomusjak.

Integration of heterogeneous data using DB2 Universal Database.
Corporative Databases'2001. Moscow.

A functional technique for semistructured data management
Moscow Chapter of ACM SIGMOD. Moscow, 2001.

Semistructured data management using DB2 Universal Database.
"XML - information technologies of the future". CIT MSU.
Moscow, 2000.

Relational representation of XML documents.
Open Forum '2000

DB2 and XML: IBM's approach to semistructured data management.
Corporative Databases'2000. Moscow.

Semistructured data: representation and querying.
K.Lisovsky, G.Tomusjak.
Seminar of Moscow Chapter of ACM SIGMOD.. Moscow, 2000.

Relational Mapping of Semi-Structured Data.
8th IDUG European Conference.
Nice, France, October,1999.

Representation of objects using first-order predicate logic.
MISA TU, Technical Reports, 1999.

Semantic extensions for object data models.
V.Anikin, M.Anfimov, K.Lisovsky.
MISA TU, Technical Reports, 1999.

Lightweight object data model for digital libraries.
K.Lisovsky, M.Anfimov, N.Mordvintseva.
Lipetsk, 1999.

IBM DB2 and object-oriented information systems.
Corporative Databases'1996, Moscow.

More papers (in Russian)